Working day: Lost connection

Alfie The Asus

We'll have to do better, won't we, hmmmm?

Last week I went to Los Angeles and played COD: Black Ops. It was a lot of fun. And you would have known about this if the Wi Fi in my hotel room had been up to scratch. But it wasn’t.

In fact, it was so awful, it threatened to land me in hot water with the people who I was working for out there. Given that there was no embargo on the COD: Black Ops preview copy, I had to file that night. That meant going to the event (18h30), sitting through a presentation (19h00 – 19h45), getting hands-on time with the game while avoiding the temptation to indulge in the free – yes FREE – bar stocked with decent bourbon (19h55 – 22h00), trundling back to the hotel (22h15) and writing up my 1,800 word piece (22h25 – 01h45).

Sound easy? Yeah, well the Wi Fi decided to check out at around 01h30 after I’d sent my first couple of images through, and then steadfastly refused to connect me at all beyond that. So I had to go downstairs at two in the morning to send the rest of it. Fun, fun fun.

This moaning is my roundabout way of explaining why there were only two posts last week. After messing about with the lousy Wi-Fi for work, I just couldn’t face the prospect of it again for this thing.

So, normal service resumes tomorrow.


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