Working Day: Super Mario Love

Super Mario Galaxy

You can recognise true love when you see it

Too much to do today, so I only have time for a quick love letter to whoever made a spec commercial for Super Mario Galaxy, a game I had no time for when it came out, but now can’t wait to try again.

I don’t particularly care for Mario. I never have. I wasn’t drawn to him when he pitched up in an arcade cabinet in the newsagents down the road from my house as a kid; I rejected him in favour of a long-forgotten game called Top Gunners (released elsewhere as Jackal). My mates loved him. They wanted to collect coins, eat mushrooms, stomp on… well… other mushrooms and save a princess. All I wanted to do was blast things with a missile launcher mounted on the back of a jeep. I may never have warmed to the portly plumber, but I know he sits snugly in the hearts of a lot of gamers – and I do appreciate that.

Have a look at this fan-made advert for Super Mario Galaxy.

I don’t care if you hate Mario. I don’t care if you’ve never played a video game in your life. If you are unmoved by that clip then you don’t have a soul. The love of that movie’s creator for this game is self-evident in every-single frame they’ve chosen to include in it. The choice of music (Sigur Ros, in case you care) is absolutely spot-on. And whoever this person is, I hope someone snaps them up soon. I’ve played Super Mario Galaxy and I gave up on it after the first level. Now, after watching that movie, I’d go out and buy a copy, knowing I won’t like it – that’s how much it moves me. I may not have much time for the subject matter, but I have profound appreciation for the enthusiasm it inspires.

Oh – and if you want to have a look at what that commercial looks like in review form, head over the Telegraph’s video games website and have a gander at Tom Hoggins’s review of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I say review. It’s more of a love letter.

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