Working Day: Real Yakuza play Yakuza 3

Yakuza 3

That right there is one big tattoo

Yeah, I know. Technically this isn’t a post from me. It’s a link to someone else’s article. All the same you should check it out.

The reason I’m not uploading my pithy witterings is because I’m slightly under the hammer at the moment. See, I was supposed to have the day off today. Then GamesCom happened. And the Xbox 360 team called. Oh, and I had to write an article on PC Gaming. And source pictures. Busy, busy, busy.

(I also have to clean the house, but that’s another story altogether).

Anyway, to fill in for me until normal service is resumed tomorrow, I’ve got this lovely link for you to follow. A journalist called Jake Adelstein, who worked for the Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper on the crime beat for over ten years recently investigated the authenticity of the fantastic PS3 adventure game, Yakuza 3. Since he spent 12 years covering crime in Tokyo and knows a fair few Yakuza, he thought he’d get a couple of them to review the game.

Here’s what they thought.

In related news, Jake has written a book about his 12 years on the crime beat in Tokyo. It’s called Tokyo ViceĀ and it is hands down one of the most interesting and exciting books I’ve read all year. You can buy it here and I strongly recommend you do so.

In unrelated news, I am off to buy bleach and some other household cleaning items.

Until tomorrow…

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