Shiny stuff: Red Dead Redemption Commemorative Candle

Red Dead Redemption Candle

Box with man with gun on it. It's like he's daring me to open that thing!

Now this is one of the more novel items I have been sent while making a living (ha ha!) and a video games journalist. Live and direct from the fabulous people over at Rockstar Games (they sponsor kids charity events, you know) comes this stylish little package for those running behind on their electricity bill.

Red Dead Redemption Candle

Bigger than paperbacks. Gotta get a gun to get in here.

Let’s take a measurement, once again, using the ever-reliable paperback-to-thingy ratio of size. RDR’s flamestick stacks up pretty well.

Red Dead Redemption Candle

Box open. Polystyrene bits everywhere

Open the lid and you find a mess of Styrofoam, string and stuff underneath. Crumbs get everywhere but that’s a small price to pay for a stick of dynamite, right?

Red Dead Redemption Candle

Good for proving light in times of darkness. A lot of light.

Make that several sticks of dynamite. Emblazoned with the RDR and RG logos. Tied up with leather straps and with an inviting wick at the top. Now, where’d I put those matches?

Red Dead Redemption Candle

Go on! Light it pard'ner! I dares ya!

There is, of course, a downside to lighting this sucker up. And it’s the entire reason that I don’t buy expensive candles and wonder why anyone does. Why spend money on something pretty when, by using it correctly, you have no choice but to destroy it.

Still, looks good on the mantlepiece, don’t it?

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